Victory Lap (ft Mose, G​-​Funk Yama & Hennessy)

from by Cylo

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[Verse 1 - Mose]
Better things be coming through lost in freedom of jail
Balling bumping the doom motherfuckers is tight
And i ain't never assumed
If we call it pitch perfect then I call out ya platoon
Shaky with the rehab I'm rolling with the weed dab
Formulated up in my mind that I'm a release that
Release the tension and the thoughts and the way I'm coming off
I'm the center, I'm the start pointing up unto the guard
Never casual with the work, free living save the sorrow with the hurt
Two years of the up and downs, drowning in the thought of complexity of the crowd
But Complex dumbing it down, Fader forcing the haters abound
And I'm just sitting back thinking about the sound
And how we gonna permeate the inside out
Sipping up on high tea and I remember the vow
I took it as a child that the world gonna smile
And i ain't even remember we dancing in September
The 20th day call it the birth of the connector
No pressure, we about to find forever
But we losing ourselves in the words of the peddler
Tell me what is fairer the offence or the offender
Common error how is this victim any better?

[Verse 2 - G-Funk Yama]
I remember rolling four deep, in my civic
Petrol tank on E, as we cruising round the streets
Crash a couple parties with the homies
Before we got to leave bounce, when that shit get shut down
We was young messing around now we older and we bolder
Dreams to reality taking us one step closer
Exerting up the energy surrounded by the family
There ain't no place I rather be word to Nate D-O-double G
Spitting raw flows on the mic
Kill everything on sight
A life for a life the ultimate sacrifice
Long days and long nights yeah we know we pressed for time
Just a couple kids on the grind cause that's all that's on our mind
This one goes out to the haters
That can't read between the lines
I know you don't fuck with our shit but your girl think we fine

[Verse 3 - Julian A.K]
I gotta be an arsonist
I'm pouring arsenic on every single part of this to start this shit I wrote it bright in the morning so its kinda crisp
Beg my pardon, pardon my ill manners
But the manifesting mannerisms of the rhythms
By the inner voice keep channeling challenging counter arguments of self incompetence yeah..
Just fed my hunger on a island
Tropic Thunder Robert Downey Jr
Man of color from the land down under
Rose from the ashes of dead aspirations
A lack of inspiration, heart broken confessions who am I!?
To tell ya that I love smoking potent doja
Roll the clover, pass it over, roll one for the soldiers
Eating good food kicking back with the crew
Its just the simple things in life my dude
Now I'm duking the loose movements
From those who don't seek improvement
Leave the noose looser for losers and the beggars that are choosers

[Verse 4 - Sebby]
I was never trapping out the bando
I was just saucing at the Nandos
Smooth talking Lando in a blood red flannel
Your favorite rappers brain lay at peace on my mantel
And that's word to the panel, what's a goon to a Franco?
I use to rock the chucks red and blue like Kanto
Dreams of my city backing me like Kazooie did Banjo
Who did he have though
A bunch misfits and doubters lacking the guidance
Friends would meet my raps on some laughter provided
360 to the same ones, backing my triumph
As we come together in a total acting alliance
Your reaction is bias, I'm passing the science
Mystically acquainted when I came in what remained him
No son of satan in the booth I was ordained in
Confession raised in, the soul of the sainted
Never to be sold just for entertainment
Sane but not plain in it
Never playing timid
I abstain rigid and arrange rhythm
Wizard with the wicks
How I lit spits across districts
I keep it cryptic

[Verse 5 - Hennessy]
Infatuated with the thought of being navigated
Straight through the lens it was taped in
Got homies that’s been Incarcerated
I still remain underestimated, send chills up spines
They press rewind, lets renegade
I like my women that can show me wisdom
But they need to flea if they make me wanna rip my teeth
I see the luxurious lifestyle ahead of me
Every week we emptying bottles of Hennessy
A new chapter evolves, new dilemmas they chose me to solve Cause my words will touch your soul
Pause but I remain humble
When my people are in need I got a lot of loving
Cause its peace that should run the world
But with a piece I could snatch your pearls
Yo I guess that’s just how life works
My eyes slanted by my vision crystal
DnM’n with the universe they said I got a gift to give you
Fuck material, buy me good energy, get rid of me
I'm a problem who created a chemistry with this music that can’t be bothered
I’m smothering ya vision
A different type of spirit
Be careful when your near it


from Arc 1: Jenesis, released January 30, 2017
Ft Mose, G-Funk Yama & Hennessy
Prod. by ENTRO //
Mixed & Mastered - Louie Michael Sound



all rights reserved


Cylo Melbourne, Australia

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